Information for patients from abroad

Floaterlaser treatment for foreigners:

Feike Gerbrandy is one of the world’s most experienced floaterlaser specialists. Our clinic is the only clinic in the world that has 3 different lasers suitable for floaters … read more..>

There is as far as we know no other clinic in the Europe with better equipment, more experience, dedication and expertise than our clinic in Amsterdam.

Dr Geller, the father of  floaterlaser, often advises Europeans with floaters to come to Amsterdam instead of Florida. He considers Feike Gerbrandy to be the best floaterlaser specialist in Europe.

For these reasons many patients from abroad travel to Amsterdam for laser treatment of their vitreous floaters.  We have to make special arrangements for foreign patients. We will reserve extra time slots for several days in one week.  Therefore we can’t offer single treatments for foreigners living abroad.


Treatment fees:

300€       First consultation

200€       Additional consultation t

1500€     1-3 laser treatments within 6 months (first eye)

1250€     1-3 laser treatments within 6 months (2nd eye)

325€       additional laser treatment per treatment session per eye

4500€    VIP treatment.  This includes an extensive intake and 1 to 3 long treatment sessions for one eye or both eyes.  Please contact us for more details and planning. Important note: this service can only be offered in our clinic.


Patient Interviews:


  1. English patient 1 
  2. English patient 2
  3. French patient (English version)
  4. French patient (French version)