Treatment movies

treatment video’s Microruptor II

  1. weis ring  Laser treatment
  2. Weiss ring complete 1st laser treatment
  3. Weiss ring in patient with only one eye
  4. ring van weiss bij patiënt uit Indonesie (geen laser)
  5. cloudy floater that disturbs during reading (floater duet)
  6. floater duet short educational movie
  7. small floater in young patient laser treatment
  8. small preretinal floater
  9. bottlebrush 
  10. bottle brush floater
  11. giant weiss ring
  12. central cloud short educational video


Treatment video’s can be viewed at our YouTube channel:

  1. Laser treatment of  Weiss ring
  2. Succesful laser for preretinal floater in 35 year old patient 
  3. Floaterlaser for small preretinal floater in young patient
  4. large bottlebrush floater